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Nwtn is a local multiplayer brawler with up to eight players. Take control of a single spaceman without a space ship, where all you have is the gun in your hands. Teams or no teams, this game can break friendships.

Grab your friends and try out this local multiplayer brawler. Up to eight players are thrown together in this bullet hell. Teams against teams, or free-for-all, your one goal is to be the last alive. As a spaceman without a space ship, your only weapon is the gun in your hands, and your only control is.. Well, that gun in your hands. Drifting across a zero g asteroid field, you've gotta time those shots if you want to get anywhere. Check your Newtonian physics! Space isn't too empty, watch for those asteroids. There good for cover, but if you're not careful you'll be knocked right out of the map by them. That's a disappointing death...

Everyone only has one key to control their character, and that's the shoot button. Witness madness as teams attempt basic strategy and tactics, only to lose members to the vacuum of space and stray bullets from distant players.


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nwtn 22 MB

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