Disorderly Robotics

This is my submission to the GMTK Game Jam 2018. It also happens to be my very first game jam! Completed in 47:39 hours.

The theme this year was 'Genre without mechanic', so I decided to make a RC Robots Arena without RC.

The goal of the game is to design and build self-controlling robots who can triumph against others. There are currently 7 levels to preogress through, each with there own interesting perks.

Controls are pretty simple, seeing as there aren't any. Just use the mouse to construct the robot and your away. It help's if you think about what your doing, but that's optional. Make sure your robot has enough generators to support all your wonderful moving parts, or they might not be moving for much longer!

Credit to TeknoAXE for their succulent music, and Frank Bry for use of his metal sound effects.

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